How to Prepare for UmojaHack Africa 2021

So your university has signed up for UmojaHack Africa 2021. Congratulations! You're now a part of Africa's biggest machine learning hackathon! But what now? Here are the steps you can take (as a university or as an individual) to prepare for the weekend.

UmojaHack Africa 2021 Schedule

Day 1: Saturday 27 March 2021 YouTube Livestream DAY 1: QOunybIkiLA 07:00 GMT Live stream starts 08:00- 09:00 GMT Welcome, sponsors address and competition launch  09:00 GMT Competition launch  10:00-10:30 GMT Q&A with Zindi data scientist (Amy) 12:00-12:30 GMT Chat with NVIDIA + Sendy 14:00-14:15 GMT Chat with Old Mutual 19:00 GMT Live stream [...]