Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone register?

Registered students from any African university can participate and win. When you register please ensure you upload a valid student ID.

Which universities / group / bootcamp will be serving as a local hub?

How do I participate in a team?

Everyone participating in the event should register using the "Register Now" botton above and for for free on the Zindi platform. Teams are formed on the day of the event and this will be achieved through the Zindi platform.

What is the minimum and maximum size of a team?

Minimum 2, maximum 4. Students can work individually as well.

I don’t have much experience, can I still compete?

UmojaHack Africa encourages participation from data science students of all levels - no experience required!

What are the requirements of a hosting institution?

We don't require too much, as we are expecting each university to do what they can on this front. Ideally there should be a place for students to work, good internet access, a big screen or projector, and refreshments of whatever sort you want to organise. We will not be providing funding for this, but you are welcome to look for sponsorship. Please check the University Information Pack for more information.

If we end up registering as a department, do our students still need to sign up as individuals?

Yes, this year all students are required to register individually. We hope that you will assist by getting as many of your students as possible to register.

How can I connect with others?

Please read the relevant Information Pack in the Resources Hub, which includes details on how to connect with others. If the information pack isn't currently available for your category, this will be updated in due course.

How to use Discord?

We have created a guide explaining how to use Discord.

How will I receive information and next steps?

All information relating to the event will be detailed on the website. If you have a particular question that is not answered, then please contact us at: