Introduction to the challenges: UmojaHack Africa 2021

UmojaHack Africa is less than two weeks away, and now is the time to start preparing! Below you can read more about the challenges you can choose from on the weekend of 27-28 March 2021. We’ve also included some suggestions for similar challenges for you to practice on, so gather you team and start preparing!

Remember that in order to join a challenge, your university must be registered for the event (you can check on this list), and you will need an access code from your universitiy representative which they will share with you by 22 March.

The Beginner Challenge: Predicting Financial Resilience

UmojaHack Africa: Financial Resilience Challenge

Can you predict if an individual will be able to make a payment in an emergency situation?

Financial resilience is the ability to withstand and recover from temporary, unexpected life events that can cause financial hardship. These events can include unemployment, divorce, disability, and health problems. As we move into the second year of the global pandemic, resilience matters now more than ever.

This challenge asks you to build a machine learning model to predict which individuals across Africa and around the world are most likely to be financially resilient or not.

Similar challenge for practice: Financial Inclusion in Africa | Tutorial for this challenge

The Intermediate Challenge: Sendy Logistics

UmojaHack Africa: SENDY Delivery Rider Response Challenge

Can you predict who is the best delivery rider for an order placed via logistics company Sendy?

Sendy links customers who have delivery needs with vetted transporters (from bikes to trucks), using a web and mobile application platform as well as an API. The system optimises the route and dispatches the order to the closest available drivers and riders.

The objective of this challenge is to create a machine learning model that will predict whether a rider will accept, decline or ignore an order sent to them.

Similar challenge for practice: Fraud Detection in Electricity and Gas Consumption Challenge

The Advanced Challenge: Designing Antibodies for Influenza

UmojaHack Africa: DEEPCHAIN ANTIBODY classification CHALLENGE

Evaluating neutralising antibodies for the next influenza pandemic using the platform

There is a need to develop neutralising antibodies that can target any new flu variants that might escape current vaccines’ protection. One dangerous strain of the virus that may cause a pandemic in the future is the highly pathogenic H5N1 variant of influenza A virus. Thus, the design of a neutralising antibody targeting this influenza virus could offer enormous therapeutic potential. 

Your challenge is to use InstaDeep’s platform to evaluate the strength of a neutralising antibody against the extremely virulent H5N1 influenza variant.

Similar Challenge for practice: InstaDeep Enzyme Classification Challenge

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